We have a broad knowledge of the construction industry, we specialize in renovations, renovations of bathrooms, tile work, carpet and parquet laying, painting, wallpapering, pipe reparations, moisture and mold damage reparations. We have the necessary certifications for wet room construction work.


Our professional painting services incl f.ex.

  • indoor facilities
  • real estate facades
  • roofs


For painting and wallpapering we take care that the end result is a durable, beautiful and smooth. We will do our roof and wall surfaces screeding, removing of old wallpaper, surface washes and other preparation work. The painting is done with colors and covering of your choise for the best result. Choose a different mood in different rooms, say, colorful effectwall or the tranquility of the creative color choices.


We do a variety of high-quality snow clearing jobs for different needs. Call us to order individual visits or longer-term contracts, which can be customized according to customer needs. On-call 24 H.
Examples of snow jobs

  • snow clearing
  • slipperiness prevention
  • roof snow clearing

Property maintenance

All housing companies real estate services, f.ex:

  • janitor services
  • 24h On-call services


We provide cleaning services our expertise at your disposal. When you need cleaning help, please contact us.

  • staircase cleaning
  • spring cleaning
  • polishing and waxing of floors
  • window cleaning